• The Club Jugenschiffe

    Our Club Jugenschiffe,operates the sail training ship SALOMON HBJS life as school for young cadets. Communication with the relevant authorities in Switzerland, is an essential component of our work. Mysims2Go offers an interesting opportunity cost of communicating from abroad. Since September 2011, we take advantage of this offer and have already saved several thousand euros.
  • FIFA Football manager

    Costas Botos.com

    FIFA Football manager
    I tried all travel sims and always they had problems. MySims2Go works perfect, very high quality & saving in 2010 was more than 9.000€
  • PR Frangelico

    George Tsoutsis

    PR Frangelico
    WE LOVE IT!!! Order Now & start saving. It’s simple.
  • Athens. Greece

    Mr. & Mrs Kolovou

    Athens. Greece
    Frequently travelers for business & pleasure
    ...Ever since we have used MySims2Go at our trips, we have saved more than 750€ per month from our phone bills, just from our family calls! No doubt, this service ROCKS,& the savings are enormous!...
  • CEO Aslanis Home

    Ilias Togas

    CEO Aslanis Home
    1 min call from Greece with my Greek mobile number to China cost us 1.08€+12% & with MySims2Go 0.18€. Numbers say it all!
  • Pacific Travel

    Travel Agency

    Pacific Travel
    We are based on the airport of Athens and the Customers was always asking for a Sim card to make cheap international calls and to receive FREE incoming calls. They are very happy with the service and the best the tell us is that they will have the same benefits even in their home country and even wherever they travel.
  • Art Gallery Agent Oksana Mas

    Oresta Brit

    Art Gallery Agent Oksana Mas
    Hi I always need to travel between Paris where I live, Ukraine where I grow up and Russia,  Monaco, Greece, where we have our Galleries. My mobile phone bill was never 2000Euro even when I used 3 to 4 different numbers in each county. I tried Mysims2go very skeptical because I did not like so much the callback system but in the last 4 months I saved over 700euro on each month and the most important is that I can speak unlimited on the phone to make my business done without the stress to get charged crazy. And the most important I can control the cost with the call history announcement form mysims2go