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Unique features

  • We cover almost every network in the world.
  • The only Travel SIM with UK (+44) number as standard.
  • One Global number for life!

Easy & Simple

  • Top-up instantly from anywhere in the world using your mobile or the Internet.
  • Just swap out your current SIM and pop ours in!
  • 100% cost control through online report.
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The Lowest Rates

  • Calling a MySims2Go SIM from a landline costs the same no matter where you are in the world!
  • No hidden charges, no contracts, no expiry of SIM, no expiry of credit, no VOIP.
  • Receive calls FREE in nearly 100 countries.
  • Save up to 80% on call costs!
  • No contract, No monthly fees.
For example
  • Calls within Europe for just 0,19 €/min in average.
  • Call landlines from 0,10 €/min.
  • Call mobiles from 0,13 €/min
Hot destinations
  • From Spain to Germany, Landline 0,13 €/min
  • From Spain to Russia, Mobile 0,19 €/min
  • From UK to Cyprus, Mobile 0,16 €/min
  • From Spain to Germany, Mobile 0,19 €/min
  • From UK to Germany, Mobile 0,16 €/min
  • From Cyprus to Russia, Mobile 0,19 €/min
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