About Us

About Us

MySims2Go, founded in 2010 with the simple aim to abolish Roaming Charges for mobile phones and allow the subscriber to become a “local” in every country visited. Since then we have been constantly adding innovative products and improving services to make this a reality.

about us

Our Directors started the business by distributing low-cost SIMs & prepay credit cards at International Airports and supplying to airlines, huge Travel agencies and much more...

We believe passionately that our customers:

  • Have a right to the best products and services available without paying premium prices (prepay customers should not pay more for a service than others).
  • Should not be Bamboozled by adverts that contain more "terms & conditions" than actual offers.
  • Should be able to buy products from a company that works as hard as they do to reduce its environmental impact on others.

Today we are an industry leader in terms of innovation, working with most of the major networks and PrePay credit card providers, as their official distributor into approved channels. If you travel abroad only once a year we can save you money with absolutely NO terms and conditions - guaranteed! Make a statement against excessive roaming and currency charges by joining us now. Please take a moment to visit our online shop for further details of our products and services.

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