How it works

How it works

Our Travel SIM operates in almost the same way as a normal SIM. The only difference is that when you make an outgoing call, our system dynamically finds the most efficient carrier to route your call to its destination. Typically this takes only a few seconds before your phone will ring, letting you know that the connection has been made. Just answer the call and you will be through to the number dialled. Incoming calls are unaffected by our system, as in most cases the caller is paying for the total cost of the call.

Getting started:

Just insert your SIM in your mobile. No PIN is required. On the pop up menu, select:
"Global" or "Rest of the world" for most countries of the world.
"USA" if you are in the U.S. and have purchased a U.S number.
"Prime" if you are in Italy using H3G network or in UK using Orange network.
If you haven’t purchased a specific number, you will receive a confirmation SMS, with your new number and credit balance. This may take up to 3 minutes

Choose the best network:

You are holding a Global Sim that operates like a local one, choose the network you want to use:
Automatically: When you insert the SIM in your mobile, the operator with the best coverage is chosen automatically.
Manually: Choose manually the operator with the same coverage and get the best possible rates around the world! Check the best prices at:

How to make calls:

"Call - Through"(the standard way)
Dial the international code, "+" or "00", the country code, the telephone number of your choice and press the call button. Available only on new generation SIM cards.

Caution: Call - Through is more expensive than Call Back in most cases.

"Call Back"(the cheapest way to make a call)
Dial the international code, "+" or "00", the country code, the telephone number of your choice, the "#" symbol and press the call button. Within a few seconds your phone will ring, pick it up and talk!!!
Call Through ON: Dial #955, Call Through OFF: Dial #954

Is this VOIP?

No. VOIP is the term used for Voice Over Internet Protocol and describes systems that route voice calls over Internet systems such as Broadband or WiFi hotspots. Examples of companies that do this are Skype, JaJah and Truphone etc.To use such type of technology for mobile calls you will need a Symbian or Apple i-phone type of mobile phone. This is because the software used to power these applications is quite complicated and needs powerful processors. MySims2Go SIM does not use VOIP therefore you can use almost any phone to make cheap roaming calls whilst abroad. You do not need to worry about getting an Internet link or finding a WiFi hotspot! You simply call as normal and we route your call through A-Grade mobile and landline operators (you can see a list of over 700 of these by clicking on the call-cost tab above)

Why is it so much cheaper than other mobile operators?

MySims2Go uses technology and partnerships to create a world where the subscriber gets the best possible service at great rates. The ultimate goal is to abolish different charging rates based on the country you are from; this allows the subscriber to become a local in each country visited and benefit from the cheaper call.

How long will unused credit stay on my card?

Normally there is NO expiry of credit. Unlike other companies, we believe that if you don`t use up all of your credit on holiday this year, then it should still be there for your holiday next year. Keep talking though! You need to use our Services at least once within any 400 day period either by making a chargeable call or sending a text message. If you don't we may suspend your access to the Services and disconnect you from the Network. We don't really want to lose you as a customer so please ensure you keep talking or texting!

Can I share my card?

At MySims2Go we believe that good things are for sharing. You can use your Travel SIM in almost ANY mobile phone, provided it is unlocked. So you can share the card with other members of your family, for example if they holiday at different times of the year! You can even lend it to one of your mates (you always know how much credit is loaded on the SIM which means that they can give you the right amount of cash BEFORE taking the sim away).

Will it work in my phone?

Our service works with nearly all mobile phones including Blackberries, PDA`s and i-Phones ( i-Phone 4 requires a micro SIM, so please email us when ordering) but as a general guide any handset manufactured within the last 6 years should be compatible. Just ensure your mobile phone is unlocked. You can also physically check if your phone is unlocked by inserting a SIM from a different network provider in your phone. If you get one of the following messages, your phone is probably locked:

  • "Insert SIM"
  • "Enter subsidy code"
  • "Phone restricted"
  • "SIM not valid"
  • "SIM not accepted"
  • "SIM locked"
  • "Wrong SIM"
  • "Network locked"
  • "SIM card registration failed"

If your phone is locked it's easy to unlock it online, at a local mobile phone shop or by asking your current network operator for the unlock code. Most networks will supply this free of charge as long as you have used the handset for at least 3 months and you are the owner of the contract/phone; then they are bound by law to supply you this information.

Will my existing contact numbers be usable on my phone?

Yes! If your contact numbers are stored on your phone's memory then we recommend that you update your numbers to include 44 so you can call back to the UK. Make sure you take off the first 0 on the UK number then add 44

e.g. 0444 700 70 70 would become 44 444 700 70 70.

To check if your contact numbers are saved on your phone`s memory, you can insert your travel SIM. If you can see your contacts, your phone is ready for use.

If your contact numbers are not available, then place your UK SIM back into the phone and copy your contacts from the UK SIM onto the phone memory. Alternatively you may want to purchase our SIM back-up reader from the ONLINE SHOP tab above. With this product you can simply and quickly transfer your contacts from your normal SIM onto your MySims2Go SIM.